landlord-header3On top of our other landscaping services, we also perform land grading. If you have property with slopes and undulations that need to be changed, we can help. We can perform land grading to level your terrain, to slope your terrain away from your home or building, to protect your landscape, or to build landscaping elements.

Leveling Terrain

If you’re looking to turn your landscape from swales and berms into a tabula rasa (a blank slate), we can bring in the machinery and tools to get the job done. We can clear away any dirt, debris, and plant materials that are in the way, and we’ll leave you with a pristine, level lot. From there, we can also plan and build a landscape design that you’d like to implement.

Protecting Your Home or Building

If your home or building is at a low point within your landscape, it can be liable to incur damage from water runoff. If water pools around your home, it can infiltrate its structure and cause costly damage. We can re-grade your landscape to keep water flowing away from your building or home.

landscaping-house-2Protecting Your Landscape

If you have water pooling on your landscape, it may be necessary to re-grade. Often, water can pool within a lawn or around plants, which can kill your landscape and provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. On the other hand, if you have too steep of a grade, your plants may not be getting sufficient water to thrive. If you’ve noticed any pooling issues or terrain that is too steep, we can regrade your landscape to keep it healthy.

Building Your Landscape Elements

Looking to expand your patio? Or would you like to build flowing stairs that traverse from your front yard to your backyard? We can re-grade your landscape to prepare it for the landscaping elements that you desire. Plus, we can build those landscaping elements once our grading is complete.

The Jeff Fuller Designs Difference

Jeff Fuller Designs brings experience and expertise to the table. We value customer service, and strive to complete our projects to exceed our clients’ expectations. We’ll work with your schedule to ensure that your projected is completed on time and completed the right way. Since we provide an expanse of landscaping services, you can also count on us for all-in-one landscaping services. Count on us for landscape design, installation, and maintenance. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re your local landscaping crew, and we provide landscaping services for folks throughout the Jackson area.

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