ditchWhether it’s the foundation of your building or a swale that affects the longevity of the flora residing in your landscape, the integrity of your property relies on proper drainage. And that’s exactly what we provide here at Jeff Fuller Designs: Proper drainage. We can work with your terrain to fix faulty drainage, and we can design a landscape that uses gravity to keep water from pooling or colliding with the surface of your building. We can use surveying equipment to assess the low points in your landscape. We can provide a solution or solutions to resolve problem areas. We’ll discuss the best solution with you; we’ll design changes to employ in your landscape; and then we’ll get to work implementing our design in your yard. We can build drainage within your terrain, including French drains, or we can move earth to ensure that water flows downhill, away from your building. We can even completely change the grading of your landscape with earth-movers if need be! Here in the Memphis area, we’re likely to get over 50 inches in rain in the duration of a year. We’re here to make sure that all of those inches of rain end up in the right place, not your basement.

Quotes & Questions

Curious about our drainage installations? Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do for your landscape. You can also request a free quote while you’re here on site! Let us work with you to guarantee that your property is safe from the damage that can be caused by water pooling and excess rain!